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A Natural Combination That Lowers Cholesterol  

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Doctors Were Shocked From The Results: A Natural Combination That Lowers Cholesterol!

Lemon and parsley are extremely healthy foods as we all know it. But combined they do wonders for your health. Parsley is an excellent ally of your health in daily food preparation and it is added to foods as a small supplement mainly for flavor. It is a very rich source of vitamins C, A and K, so it is recommended to be consumed more during colds and flu season. Besides that, parsley leaf is shown as an excellent tool in promoting excretion of harmful substances from our body and stimulating circulation. If we add lemon juice to the parsley and combine them well, we get a miracle potion that reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.


– 1.5 L of water

– 3 bunches of parsley

– 1 kg of lemon

– Baking soda


Give the unpeeled lemon a good rub with baking soda to clean the bark well. However, try to use homemade, unsprayed lemons. Boil water and leave it to cool off. Cut the lemon into slices and chop up the parsley (blend it if available) and add cold water. Let the mixture sit in the fridge for one day. After that, pour the mixture into a glass jar or bottle. Drink 100ml every day 30 minutes before any meal. Enjoy. 

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