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Ruwangi Rathnayake's Birthday Party  

Ruwangi Rathnayake's Birthday Party
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UAE’s leading airlines Emirates airline and Etihad Airways are looking for candidates for several non-flying positions.

Most of the vacancies listed by the two companies are based in the UAE but several positions have been posted for other locations as well.

Etihad is looking for professionals such as business analyst, online community supervisor, procurement business analyst, revenue management manager, finance manager, account manager and delivery manager among several others that are based in the UAE.

Professionals in the non-flying category are also required in countries such as Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom, Qatar, United States, Australia, Netherlands and other destinations. These jobs also include officers needed on temporary contracts.

Emirates too is seeking to hire professionals to fill up general roles like medical claims processor, ramp operations team leaders, manager – HR business support, clinical coder and storekeeper among others.

The Dubai-based airline needs professionals like aircraft engineers, airport services officers, customer sales & service agent in countries such as South Africa, US, Turkey, and Germany among several other destinations.

Emirates offers a pay package that includes a cash and non-cash element. Under the cash component, there is a fixed monthly cash payment related to the position and the knowledge and competencies the role requires. A company-provided accommodation/accommodation allowance with transport/transport allowance is given.

The eligibility of benefits such as profit share scheme and exchange rate protection scheme is dependent upon the role and/or applicant’s unique personal circumstances.

For certain roles, there are additional allowances payable in order to recognise the specialism of the role undertaken.

The non-cash element includes annual leave and end of service gratuity. Benefits such as leave tickets, education support allowance, government pension scheme etc. are dependent upon the role and the candidate.

Etihad offers employment packages that includes tax-free salary, accommodation (depending on grade/role), education allowance (depending on grade/role), health insurance, end of service benefits, reduced airline fares and Etihad holidays packages, discounts on goods and services, including hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions, special facilities such as gyms, medical centre, and Etihad Airways nursery. The final pay package varies by role and experience.

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