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Mahinda Rajapaksa 71 Birthday  

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The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, in collaboration with the management of the Global Village, has endorsed a plan for operating electricity-powered abras to serve visitors of that popular leisure destination.

The deployment of these abras on the Water Canal of the Global Village has been quite popular over the past eight years.

"RTA is always keen on running the abra service with the start of the Global Village season in November each year, especially as abras had proved extremely popular among visitors," said Mansour Al Falasi, Director of Marine Transport, RTA Public Transport Agency.

"The growing popularity of the Abra service contributes to the growth of tourist numbers in the Global Village. The RTA is keen on taking part in this annual event, which runs for about five months. The service is part of our vision to generate a positive experience to this annual event by availing riders an opportunity to board a transit means powered by renewable energy. The positive response is evident from the huge footfall of residents & visitors," said Al Falasi.

"The RTA is keen on running integrated transit services, including electric abras, to meet the growing public demand and realise its vision of Safe & Smooth Transport for All. In collaboration with the Global Village management, the RTA provides stylish mobility options featuring modern, and environment-friendly transit means with heritage-inspired design. Through this coordination the RTA will do what it takes to run diverse mobility means for Global Village visitors to maximise their enjoyment of the lovely wintry conditions each year," added the Director of Marine Transport at the RTA.

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